About Me.


Hi, my name is Felix and welcome to my blog for 2016, I am in Year 6 and from Australia. I like AFL (Australian Rules football), Soccer movies, (Star Wars Indiana Jones and Harry Potter) You Tube, family and friends and food, I do not have a favoute food, but meat is good to me. My favoute Star Wars movie is Return of the Jedi. (1983) and my least is The Phantom Menace (1999), my favoute Indiana Jones movie is Raiders of the lost Ark (1981) and my least is Temple of Doom (1984) In the AFL, I go for the Brisbane Lions. (My dad was a Roys fan back in the dayL) In Soccer I go for Melbourne Victory in the A-League and Manchester United in the BPL. In Mourinho we trust.

I also like tennis, I have 2 favour players one is Roger Federer from Switzerland and Novak Djokovic from Serbia. Who is better? Andy Murray or Roger Federer, I think Federer.

My favoute You Tubers is Chris Stuckmann, The Unusual Suspect and the one and only Munching comedy, who has 7 million subs and munch more. I also love my family and friends. Make sure you stick to the blog guidelines, comment and have, FUN!!!

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Passion Project (Action Movies)

For my Passin Project, I am doing Action Movies. From the 1930s to the 2010s, covering famous movies like James Bond, Star Wars and The Dark Night Rises with many more. I have lurnt about what it feels for the actors doing these amazing things, like Daniel Craig fighting a man on the top of a crane, some several feet up in 2006’s Casino Royale or Harrison Ford being draged from a truck after getting shot in the arm in Raiders of the lost Ark. (1981)

I really enjoy making this and I hope you enjpy reading this.

Disaster Down Under 2016.

The whole topic was interesting and the lessons was fun with each of the Year 6 teachers, Miss Mc Cathy, Volcanoes, Miss Scarrott, Cyclones and my teacher, Miss Elliott with Earthquakes. I did Volcanoes and I though my timeline was the best. My table was at the end 2nd closet to the boy’s toilet.

On the night, it was not too loud or quiet, at the start, since we were at the end, we had to move our table for After School Care. When I got to our table it was the wrong way around. It should have been: Boy’s Toilets, Me and Murat’s table, the pole, than Sam and Oliva’s table. But the 2 tables were on the wrong side of the pole. Murat and I had to swap our stuff. Not many people came to our table. But a lot people went past, to see the Volcanic Eruptions, which is both good and bad: Good that we were not under pressure with a lot of people coming to my table all at once but it was bad because I did not share my work. Overall, I rate myself a 7 out of 10 for both the project and showcase.

By Felix, 6R.